In the fast changing world. Hand-knotted rug making is perhaps the one of the very few manufacturing process that has not changes for centuries. We still continue following the age-old methods of yarn spinning, dyeing, knotting etc. Processes to make beautiful rugs. No short cuts, no cutting corners. These processes my bit lengthy and expensive, but the results are truly desirable

While we select the best available yarn for our rugs, we also take great care while washing the rugs. No hard chemicals are used so the wool does not loose its natural lanolin. And the rug’s look remain same attractive even after several years.

Below are some of the images of our rug manufacturing processes with details. Creating a handmade rug is truly a collaborative process that involves skilled artisans.


There are two type of spinning is done in the yarn. One is by hand which a very old spinning system is. Although it is expensive in comparison to mill-spinning, it is still in use as now days it is in fashion.

All our rugs are made with the highest quality of wool, viscose or silk available in the market.  The yarns used for MMC Rugs are twisted in a particular and unique way, giving the rugs their exceptional look and attractive texture.   For hand spun yarn, first the yarn is sorted by hand and then washed and dried removing impurities. It is then carded and spun using a wooden hand wheel.


The ancient method is dying in the copper pots using vegetable dyes.  The other method is dying in the containers using chrome dyes for colors.   To give some vintage effects or abrash / melange effects, the dye-master gives more than one color on every hang.    We use only the Swiss dye pigments, which are of extremely high quality and are azo-free compounds. These dyes produce the fade resistant colors which are live and vibrant.   Depending on the clients taste, our yarn is dyed either in the large container or in pot dyeing, the ancient method of dyeing the yarn.


Earlier all designed used to be done on a graph paper.  Each box in the graph paper represses each knot. Now most of the designs are made on computer with help of highly advance software’s like auto cad.  It saves lot of time and money and changes can be done without redoing all the work.

We are not content to follow trends, we are always try to be innovative and develop exciting and interesting patterns.  Our team of experience designers keeps developing exciting patterns for our discerning customers.   Using new yarns and developing new textures help us keep our designs distinguished.


There is several method of rug weaving.  The most popular is hand knotted rugs.  The others are Hand-tufted, Hand-loom, Flatweaves etc. With our association with weavers from last three decades has enabled us to make beautiful rugs cost effectively and of superior quality.


Once the rug is off-loom, it goes in to washing and finishing.  Our well-built infrastructure enables us to do the washing and finishing of the rugs in very short time.  We follow the same ancient method of washing and finishing of the rugs.  All our rugs are double washed and dried in sunlight to have desired effects.

All our products are manufactured on our own looms.  F from designing stage to final washing & finishing and are exported all over the world. That’s why we are able to deliver our very fine quality rugs at unbeatable prices without compromising on quality.

With our long experience in rug manufacturing and well-built infrastructure, we are able to deliver all the orders in time and precise to clients requirement.